I get great enjoyment out of when I discovered interesting photographers or artists that are unbeknown to most. For instance, this photo was taken by Hsin Tai Lui, who is mostly a black and white and environmental photographer.  The photograph shows great composition, which can be hard to capture when your dealing with environmental shots because the artist has to work with the given elements rather than a controlled environment or staged props.  What makes this so greatly composed is how the photographer has the main subject off to the side, but the guitar, window molding and the direction of which the man is looking creates leadings lines straight to a compelling sign for this scene.  Though the man is the main subject, the objects around him help create a story or message.

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One thought on “Composition

  1. I am so glad that you like to learn about different artist and photographers! Me too 🙂 I haven’t heard of this photographer before, you may consider using this artist for your class presentation.

    Yes, it is hard to compose when you are working with subject matter that you cannot control, but that’s why photography is great! All you have to do to change your position is move your camera. Great example.

    Nice composition, the different textures help separate the different elements in the frame.

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