2 Exercise 2


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5 thoughts on “ 2 Exercise 2

  1. Feedback – As a suggestion, the font in first picture could be bold to help the siloutte to stand out more.


  2. I like the final one you picked with all the different fonts put together like a collage. The one comment I would have is that the 2 words you have on the right side overlapping is kinda a distraction and stands out. Could the letters actually be on the outside of the face like more and not so much on the inside. Thats just my 2 cents.

    • No it makes sense. thanks! where I was going with this was….. a collage but never got around to fully finishing it. Do you think it will look crummy if I did go all the way and over lap the words and angled them or would it look like a hot mess?

  3. i think you have a creative one! it looks very simple but attractive.

  4. My favorite one is on the top left, I think it is simple, and closely resembles those silhouettes that we would draw in elementary school using a candle. Remember those?? The final design starts to get really busy, perhaps the same ideas without so many fonts? What do you think?

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