Blog Write up: Band poster

I decided to do my own reprentation of  what a poster/album cover for the The Outlaws would possibly look like.  Above I posted the original album cover that  I will be reproducing and putting my own spin on.  The Outlaws are considered to be apart of the southern rock genre who were known for thier signiture sound on the guitar.  Considering the music, the style they played and their strong name, I wanted to stay true to what they were about.

I came up with a concept of using a guitar upside down and giving it human characteristics.  I wanted to turn the guitar into a weathered, wrinkly old man with a southern edge.  His head would be shaped from the guitar body and his beard that has been running from the authority just as long has he,  would merge into the guitar neck and the strings made up of  his tattered beard hairs.

When speaking to my fellow classmates I realized I didn’t consider any of the information that would be on the poster.  Their feedback was to put the band name in a ripped banner or maybe incorperate it in his beard.  They also mentioned how I need to keep my idea and design “SIMPLE”. They gave my small tips when designing the mans wrinkles and ways to simplifie it.  We even played around with the idea of having or not having eyes…. did the design need it?  A question we should all keep in mind.

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One thought on “Blog Write up: Band poster

  1. Lots of great ideas going on, I’d love to see more designs as your project progresses!

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